Python is widely used, popular, high level, interpreted general-purpose programming language. Guido van Rossum initially designed python programming language and later it was developed by Python Software Foundation. The main motive for designing and developing python is easier code readability and allowing programmers to express concept, design, and logic in very few lines of code design with the help of white spaces during coding. Due to simplicity and better code readability, it is very easy to learn python to anyone who is new to any programming language. ORM Course gives a basic understanding of the python programming language.

  • Python can be used with different platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac, Rasberry pi, etc.
  • The syntax of python is very much simple like English syntax with the use of white spaces during coding. Because of this, expressing logic using python is very easy and simple.
  • Python allows programmers to write code in a procedural way, functional way and also an object-oriented way.
  • Python is available under a free license which makes python free to download and free to use for all research and commercial application.
  • Python can be used to create a Desktop GUI applications.
  • Python can be used to develop web-based applications. It provides a library to handle internet protocols and to develop web-based applications.
  • Python can be used to connect to the database and modify the database.

Example Code:

age1 = 100
age2 = 80
if age1 > age2:
print(“age1 is greater than age 2”)
print(“age2 is greater than age 1”)

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