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ONE ROOF MULTIMEDIA started with an aim to provide the students with a great career
path in the providing full-suite of trainings and placement services for freshers seeking a
new career and professionals looking for career advancement. ORM is a leading Design
institute in Coimbatore & Chennai which is inspiring hundred of designers to pursue their
passion and show their creativity to the world.
Your dream is different as your looking for a creative and a unique style of career to
accomplish your creative, then ONE ROOF MULTIMEDIA is here to help you get the job
you are dreaming about without a lot of hardship as we are the best  Designing
Institute in Coimbatore.
Design & Development can change your life and career to a different level and we help
you become a world class Graphic Designer, Web Developers, Digital Marketers,
Video Editor, Photographer, 3d Designer, Artist, Director, Actor etc. with an
opportunity to work in a top companys.
The number of people registering with our ORM Institute in Coimbatore as increased
to a great extent and the lifestyle of each and every person has groomed to a different
level with the earning more than their hand. ONE ROOF MULTIMEDIA COURSE is here
to take your career to the next level and we are to help you build your career.


 welcome to the world of one roof multimedia. One roof multimedia is one of our departments dealing with study of Graphic design, web designing, digital marketing & all such design related degree & Certificate Courses.


The motto of the institute shall forever be that “We at the one roof multimedia system for see a bright future of our students and swear that we’ll inspire the creativity among the scholars and open their minds to the new vistas, giving a broader perspective towards their lives”.


Our vision is to achieve the forefront of technology development and a wanted partner among the scientific and business communities. We will manufacture competent graduates WHO enter their careers in several sectors and contribute to the business.






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